A Critical Review of Forskolin

Everyone’s always on the lookout for the next ‘big-thing’ and the weight loss industry is no different. Currently, forskolin sits atop the totem-pole of marketable supplements which promise to be the solution to your weight loss woes. Are such claims to be believed? Forskloin reviews have differed in their analysis with some proclaiming it as some sort of miracle drug, while others have taken a more cautious approach. A review from the cleaneatingmama found that embellished claims from Dr. Oz have likely played a significant role in forskolin’s success, in spite of less than convincing evidence. The review also highlighted the fact that only two clinical studies examining forskolin’s effects have been published in peer-reviewed literature.

You would think that such scant evidence would quell popularity and marketing of the supplement, but that has not been the case. Online vendors and promoters continue to spring up, eagerly seeking to make a quick buck from ill-informed people. So far, forskolin has not undergone the rigorous checks from the FDA to verify it’s claim as a ‘fat burner’ and so continues to enjoy it’s free-reign over the weight loss market.

If more research is conducted, forskolin may prove to be a useful addition to weight loss, together with regular exercise and a balanced diet. Forskloin’s pharmacological effects, while not substantiated, are intriguing. At this point however, forskolin falls into the same bracket as so many other supplements – promise without the proof.

Diets that work for women: Fun & Functional

Woman thinking about which diet to chooseAre you wondering which diet to choose to help you lose weight and get in shape? You would be forgiven for throwing your arms up in despair trying to find the ‘right’ plan in a seemingly endless array of dieting books and programs, each vying for your hard earned dollar. You only need to search online for ‘diets that work’ or anything remotely similar to be met with thousands upon thousands of search results. The question is, do any of these actually work? And more importantly, which is the right plan for me?

The answer to these questions comes to down to you. To achieve long-lasting results, you should follow a diet plan based on your body’s unique nutritional needs and personal lifestyle. Your goals, daily physical activity levels and body chemistry will all factor into this equation. Each diet should also work in-sync with your body and factor in your hormonal profile.

For example, if you’re gluten intolerant, suffer from inflammation and are trying to decrease body fat and increase muscle-tone, the Paleo diet would be a great choice. There are many others, including the Atkins and South Beach diet which offer unique nutritional perspectives and individual benefits over other plans.

At the end of the day, however, a diet’s success can only be measured by it’s sustainability. While it might be great to lose 20lbs quickly by severely restricting your calorie intake, it’ll mean nothing when you inevitably pile it all back on a short time later.

The key to successful dieting is a combination of fun and function. We’ve already highlighted the importance of a functional diet plan above, but if you also enjoy what you’re doing while getting results, there’s every chance you’ll continue to do it. A few simple tips go a long way here. First, don’t restrict yourself. If there’s a particular food you just cant live without, enjoy it!

It’s all about balance. If you eat the right stuff 90% of the time, what you do with the remaining 10% is totally up to you. Having some freedom to make choices is sometimes all you need to liberate yourself and your body from the stigma of dieting. See more diets that work for women